Assessing Ian Poveda: What Does the Future Look Like For Him?

Dribbling and Directness

Ian Poveda’s biggest strengths are dribbling into and forcing the ball through tight spaces along with a fine change of pace.

Stylistic Differences

Although Poveda isn’t the only strong ball carrier in the Leeds setup, he is quite different from his teammates both stylistically and numerically.

The Numbers

Although Ian Poveda offers a significantly smaller sample size when analysing the data, it is still instructive.

Areas for Improvement

Although a threat because of his directness and willingness to move the ball forward, Poveda is still raw technically.


Ian Poveda has made progress this season but now it is a matter of whether to play Poveda more often next season or to move him out on loan to gain regular first-team football essential to his development. Keep in mind, though, it should not be a question of moving Poveda on permanently.



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